About Us
We’re the Taylors! John & Laura to be exact.
A Little About Us & How We Got Started
Well... we're gun tote n, Bible thumping, Patriotic Constitutional Americans! And, we like dogs! Cats are OK but, dogs are were it's at with us. Now, that we've alienated the cat people, as Laura would say, we’re older folks. We've been around 20 some years BC (Before Computers that is). Anyway, we talk and do things often that still don't require a computer or a phone. But, we wonder about our kids.  
When the power goes out and the computers are dead, are our kids tooled to survive? The wife and I could survive on very little and often have. Our trials have been great teachers and we would like to share our insights in a more 24/7 environment maybe even glean a few more experiences ourselves.
Hey, I'm John 
I'm an electronic and computer technician by education. 
However, by nature I'm curios, patient, practical, and contemplative. As if this wasn’t bad enough. Over the last few years I’ve help start a few businesses and in so doing I’ve needed to know more about myself. You know, attitudes, aptitudes, and reasoning. What makes me tick (besides all the electrical shocks I’ve gotten over my lifetime).  
In my studies I found that I'm right brained over left, an INTJ, and... that my learning style is 33% auditory, 33% tactile, and 34% visual.

So, what does this mean? Well... I'm curios, patient, practical, and contemplative with no off switch. Everything is to be studied, cataloged, and mentally stored for later use. To understand something I need to experience it using all three learning styles.  
My interests are trains, planes, and some boats. I study engines, emotions, food, people and gardening. I like watching, designing, and participating in various systems. I’m hard to argue with as you need to satisfy my ears, eyes, and hands to really win. 
There are times that a few people gifted in oral language or strong in another learning style has misjudged my intelligence. It's fun watching their lights come on when they start paying attention to a broader view.
I'm Laura

I'm a secretary by education.  
I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but life takes you places you don’t expect. I was able to stay at home till my youngest was three. However, then my husbands health began to fail. I ended up going to work. (See nutrition page for the rest of story).  
When I went back to work my secretarial skills were very old. I ended up working for a commercial laundry cashiering and renting clothing besides washing the laundry. After 9 years they closed the building for renovation and let the employees go. The renovation took two years that I spent looking for another job.  
After filling out 72 applications and receiving 52 rejections I went to Deseret Industries to upgrade my secretarial skills. I was really good at interviews and resumes but, I needed to update my skills to get my current job. I'm actually a secretary again for a very small company part time. I also label CD’s for a video transfer company and clean a house professionally for a lady twice a month.  
I enjoy my jobs and the people there, but the income doesn’t always meet our family's needs. I also don’t want to do this for the rest of my life, so we started this website to help with my husbands health (and generally be able to eat better as a family).  It also gives us  an outlet for my crafts, and help ourselves and others be even more independent.
We devided the site into 7 sections for easier browsing.  The section topics are Providence, Family, Home, Nutrition, Thread, Garden, and Community. This actually cover nicely what we have incountered in the last 50ish years we've been around