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The Tayloring Club

Sowing old fashion qualities into modern life

Welcome to the Tayloring Club!

If we had to sum it up, we’re about forming a self-reliant life! As so being, our site contains seven blogs revolving around God, family, home, nutrition, craftsmanship, gardening, and community.

• The Providence Tayloring Club: Our first site & blog is about God or Providence the source from which we believe our lives came.

• The Family Tayloring Club: Family follows closely as having and caring for a family puts us on the playing field of life.

• The Home Tayloring Club: Our homes are our shelter from the storms of life, our protection spiritually and temporally.

• The Nutrition Tayloring Club: We include nutrition in its most basic forms as life’s joys are best served by a healthy body.

• The Artisan Tayloring Club: We know that work is a blessing that delights ambition, spirit, and our eyes.

• The Garden Tayloring Club: If ever there was self-reliance gardening is a main staple of achieving it.

• The Community Tayloring Club: It’s lonely without like minded people around sharing in kind and trade.

Our Motto: God gives us in abundance, let's tailor our understanding to receive.

We’re John & Laura Taylor

See you on the inside!